As Salam Wa Alaikum, As most of you are unaware of, I only started wearing the hijab (in this instance referring to the headscarf itself) about six months ago. Before the day I placed it on my head I hadn’t ever considered wearing it. Yes I knew it was fard to wear it and yes I knew that it […]

Ola, Hello, As-Salam Wa Alaikum, I’ve recently finished my university degree (happy daaays Alhamdullilah) and have spent all my spare time in my pajamas eating peanut butter, reading travel blogs and googling ticket prices. I think I have a serious case of wanderlust, a la my last blog post. When the unthinkable happened and my […]

As Salam Wa Alaikum World, As my first official blog post, I thought I’d rant and rave about something that makes me very very very excited. The city of Tarim. Tarim, in the Hadramaut Valley of Yemen adopted Islam during the time of the Prophet (SAW). From an early era Tarim flourished as a center of Islamic knowledge […]

As Salam Wa Alaikum All, Before I launch into an epic rant about why i started this blog I feel like I should introduce myself (briefly, Insha Allah). I am a twenty something year old female. I live in Australia. I am a Muslim (if was not apparent already). I like cheese, my cat and […]